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This section contains the beautiful Monocacy Aqueduct, a 500 foot, seven arch, stone bridge used to carry the canal over the Monocacy River. The aqueduct took 4 years to build and was completed in 1833. Next to the tunnel at Paw-Paw (mile 155), is this probably the second most impressive structure on the canal. In the 1970s, the Park service erected temporary exo-skeleton supports around the aqueduct due to damage caused by repeated flooding. In 2005, aqueduct repairs were finally completed, and so the exo-skeleton has been removed.

The only other point of interest that you "might" see in this section is the Dickerson power plant (mile 41). In 1992, a training course was built in the power plant's warm water discharge spillway for the US Olympic Kayak Team. You might be able to see it through the chain-link gate at the south side of the complex.

Trail conditions are historically poor in the mile or two prior to the town of Point-of-Rocks, Maryland. Expect to navigate around many mud holes in this section. The rest of the path is typically in good shape.

Access to the town of Point-of-Rocks is by way of a small, wooden, one-lane bridge over the canal bed. The town is mainly a collection of run down homes. However, there are two stores/deli's about a block off the towpath. This makes the town a good lunch/re-supply stop.

Connecting Rides: Here are some short rides that make use of the towpath along this section.

  • Western Montgomery Loop - 23 Miles
  • Waterford Double Cross - 34 Miles
  • Sugarloaf Challenge - 50 Miles
  • Just after the wooden bridge, the C&O Canal passes through the Catoctin Mountain Range. During the canal construction, the B&O Railroad mounted an unsuccessful legal challenge for the narrow right-of-way through this pass. As a result, the railroad was forced to tunnel through the mountain. After the canal failed, the railroad built a second track in the abandoned canal bed. However, the towpath is still intact through the pass.

    Access Points from westbound Route 28:

    Access Points from Route 15:

    Towpath Map - Mile 40 thru 50

    MileNameInfo Food Water Campsite/Restrooms Lodging Access Point
    39.5 Dickerson Conservation Park (map) Access from Martinsburg Rd.X
    41.6 Dickerson Power Plant US Olympic Kayak Team trains in spillway next to towpath.
    42.1 Monocacy Aqueduct This impressive structure is the largest aqueduct on the towpath. Originally completed in 1833, was restored in 2005.X
    42.1 Dickerson Market (map) 301.349.5789: Food and Grocery Market located about 1.5 miles from the towpath in Dickerson. 22145 Dickerson Rd.X
    42.4 Indian Flats H/B Hiker/Biker campsite. 0.3 miles from vehicle access at mile 42.1XX
    44.6 Nolands Ferry Boat Ramp and Picnic Area. Access from New Design Road.X
    47.6 Calico Rocks H/B Hiker/Biker campsite. 0.8 miles from vehicle access at mile 48.2. Located near a busy railroad line, so earplugs are suggested.XX
    48.2 Point of Rocks, MD This town marks the location where the Potomac river cuts through the Catoctin Mountain ridge. The Route 15 Bridge provides alternate bike access to Virginia (when Whites Ferry is closed). Note that Route 15 is very hazardous and NOT recommended for bicycle access to Leesburg. Use state route 665 instead.X
    48.2 One Stop Deli and Grocery (map) 301.874.2691: Small Deli located in Exxon, about 0.7 miles from Towpath (just past the train station).X
    48.2 Aroma House (map) 301.874-8100: Pizza and Gyros, located 0.7 miles from the towpath (just past the train station). 1595 Bowis DrX
    48.2 Deli on the Rocks (map) 301.810.5782: Just off the towpath in Point-of-Rock, MD. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 3710 Clay St.X
    49.0 Lockhouse 28 Stay in a real lock house. Rustic, no heat, electricity, or running water. Nearest water is 1.4 miles upstream. Close proximity to active railroad, so earplugs are a must for sleeping.X
    50.3 Bald Eagle Island H/B Hiker/Biker campsite. 0.5 miles from vehicle access at mile 50.8. Located near a busy railroad line, so earplugs are suggested.XX
    50.9 Lock 29 Access from Lander RoadX