Trails Used

W&OD Trail

C&O Towpath

Connecting Routes

Potomac Tour

Key Chain Tour

Cascade Effect

Tkaczyk's ATC

Waterford Double Cross

West Montgomery Loop

Map of Route

If you have a day to kill, then this is a great way to do it. The trail is easy to follow. Just take the Custis Trail from Teddy Roosevelt Island the W&OD trail (4 miles) follow the W&OD to Leesburg (31 miles), follow Route 15 North (by making a right at the South King Street crossing) for about 3 to 4 miles, cross the Potomac at White's Ferry (toll - Bikes $1.00, Cars $3.00), and return to Washington via the C&O Towpath (35 miles). The last time I did this starting from Whites Ferry and it was almost exactly 75 miles. There is also an 85 mile option if you go past National Airport and then catch the W&OD in Shirlington.

Photos Along the Route (Courtesy Joe Robbins)

Each time I've done this ride during one very long day. However, this would make a great two day tour. There are numerous lodging options along the ride, including Georgetown, Landsdowne Resort, Reston Town Center, Norris House Inn, and also several C&O Camp Sites. Food is much more plentiful along the Virginia side of the route.

Note that the 4 mile connection between Leesburg and White Ferry along Route 15 is now much improved. The shoulders have now been paved along the busy section, so you no long need to choose between a coarse gravel shoulder or 60 mph truck traffic.