WARNING!!! Bicycling can be a dangerous activity. You are free to follow these directions at your own risk. However, the administrators of this web site can not be held responsible for any injuries, death, or damages while following these suggested bicycle routes. Many route descriptions may be vague and most certainly do not list all possible hazards. Also, many routes require on street riding in traffic lanes, while others may require some off road terrain. You should be comfortable riding under all types of conditions before attempting any of these routes.

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Sept 16, 2001

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  • Best Rides - If you are visiting the DC Area for only a short stay, then I would suggest one of these great rides.

  • After Work - Blow off some steam after work by riding these "close in" routes.

  • Urban Escapes - Get away from the city and expore these great rides though the rural country side.

  • All Terrain - These rides use both paved and unpaved roads and paths. All unpaved sections are non-technical, which is a fancy way of saying they are easy.

  • Asphalt Only - This list is for those skinny tire folks. All roads - no dirt, limited bike trails.

  • Invasion Routes - Coming to DC by bicycle? Perhaps these routes will help get you here

  • Complete List - Check out all the rides on this site

So, you've been up and down all the area's great bike trails dozens of times and now you're looking for something different? Well, the Washington DC area has literally thousands of miles of "bike friendly" roads. This section lists many bicycle rides though out the metro area.

The Quiet Country Roads near Poolesville, MD

New to Cycling? You might not feel confident about riding with cars, which is understandable. Yes, it can be real intimidating at first. However, once you get going you will find a whole new world you might not have known existed! Here are some suggestions to help get you out on the road: