Last Update:
June 3, 2006

General Cycling Information

    WABA - Washington Area Bicycle Association.

Local Government Resources

Local Cycling Clubs

Mountain Biking

C&O Towpath


    Rails-to-Trails Conservancy - Bringing a Rail-Trail to a neighborhood near you!

    Pennsylvania Rails-to-Trails - Many excellent rail-trails to choose from, just a few hours away.

    The Great Allegheny Passage The 200 Mile GAP Trail is currently being constructed through the rugged Pennsylvania Highlands between Pittsburgh and Cumberland. This will eventually provide a awesome 400 mile traffic free route between Washington, DC and Pittsburgh, PA!

    Allegheny Highland Trail of Maryland - Maryland's "missing link" in the 400 mile trail between Washington and Pittsburgh. Now in development, this project will eventually connect the C&O Towpath to the GAP Trail.

Other Sites of Interest

    Bike and the Like - The Knable's host several great bike trips to various locations in the Northeast.
    DC Ski - Skiers like to ATB also.

Suggested Books

    Scott & Jim's Favorite Bike Rides (NEW for 2004!) Online eBook containing over 60 area bike rides! Many routes are from the excellent Chuck and Gail's Favorite Bike Rides, which has been long out of print.

Know of other sites? Send me a note!