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National Zoo

Map of On-Path Rock Creek Trail

The southern Rock Creek trail follows a "paved" path along the Rock Creek Parkway. Honestly, the path is in terrible condition. In addition to being quite rough, it is also very narrow and winding. However, this is really not a big issue for ATBs. Just use caution on the sharp corners.

Rock Creek Path near the Zoo.

Despite these issues, there are many great points of interest along this section, including the National Zoo. You can walk your bike into the park, lock it next to the security office, and enjoy Washington's really great zoo (and it's FREE!). Other items of interest are Pierce Mill and the beautiful arch bridges located south of the zoo.

The southern end of the trail intersects with the C&O Towpath trail head in Georgetown. It then continues south past the Kennedy Center, providing access to all the major DC monuments.

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